SLATE Madison CT


Born and raised in Millburn, New Jersey, a true NYC suburb, I lived within walking distance to the world’s best deli, frequenting the local Short Hills Mall. My mother, Florence, proclaimed herself a fashion expert and always honed in on what the stylish modern city women were wearing. Among other valuable life lessons, most importantly– she taught me how to shop.

In my adult life, I went on to complete my Master’s Degree in education While doing so, I worked part time at Bloomingdales where I found true joy in styling women to be the most confident versions of themselves.

Next thing you know, life happens and I’m following my husband to the CT Shoreline on an “extended business trip” and 27 years later, the Shoreline became our permanent residency. Transitioning to a sleepy CT town was not an easy feat for an urban city girl like myself. Although I made my best efforts to keep up on the latest in fashion by road tripping back to NJ regularly, that wasn’t always sustainable. Looking to embrace what was surrounding me, I stumbled into Madison’s Khaki and Black and met Joel Standard. Finally, clothing that echoed my cosmopolitan roots and made me feel fresh in my second skin- I felt like I was home.

Over the years I learned to trust Joel’s style and enjoyed his special sense of humor. He became a true friend. In between raising four children and working full time as a pre-K teacher, Joel hired me to help out during his rare days off. Joel quickly became my mentor, but the reality of his illness was always lurking in the background.

Upon Joel’s passing, SLATE was born. With encouragement from his wife, Nancy, I became dedicated to continue his vision of offering women a place to shop unlike any other boutiques in the area. SLATE offers livable luxury women’s clothing influenced by internationally recognized fashion houses, updated through out every season.

Start every season with a clean SLATE!

Jane Miller